Birds in Flight

Go Birdwatching with The Daily Green Community. Even if you're stuck indoors, you can still do some virtual birding with these great photos. Binoculars not required.



Birds in Flight

Flock of bird’s taking flight after three day’s of stormy weather.

Truman Lake, Missouri

East Village Falcon

This falcon is, I'm guessing, almost a year old, since falcon mating season starts in late March. Yesterday I saw a much bigger one nearby, which had to be an adult. There are 13 breeding pairs of falcons in New York City.

A male cardinal has just finished feeding a big, juicy, green caterpillar to his baby, but Junior is still hungry and is squawking loudly for more.
Timothy Hoeflich
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Hungry Baby Cardinal

A male cardinal has just finished feeding a big, juicy, green caterpillar to his baby, but Junior is still hungry and is squawking loudly for more.

McDonough Wildlife Refuge, Parkersburg, West Virginia

Hummingbird at the Feeder

Broad-tailed hummingbird in Montezuma County, Colorado.
Brian Clark Howard
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Downy Woodpecker

A downy woodpecker looks for food on the grounds of Green Gables. This picturesque farm on Prince Edward Island was made famous by Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Avonlea books.
Cindy Upshur
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Baby sparrow in hand.

Cool Landing!

A white pelican landing in Neenah, Wisconsin.

First Robin of Spring

I came home this afternoon and heard the melodious sound of robins.

March in Appleton, WI

Julio Molina
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San Pedrito

These forest birds, also know as todies, are common in the rain forest, but hard to catch on camera.

El Yunque National Rain Forest, Puerto Rico

Barred Owl

An injured barred owl takes refuge in central Pennsylvania.

Chestnut-Eared Aracari

Seen on a stream off of the Napo River, a subsidiary of the Amazon River.

Napo River, Ecuador

Joynal Abedin
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Bangladesh Waterfowl

Hakaluki Haor is the largest natural wetland in Bangladesh, and is a good habitat for globally significant waterfowl. The photograph shows a flock of Spoon Bills.

Blue Heron in Washington D.C.

I was walking in Washington D.C.'s Rock Creek Park and spotted this beautiful Blue Heron.

Red-Shouldered Hawk

At Parducci Wine Cellars, a green winery. Mendocino County, California.

Patriotic Eagle

I was walking by the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin, taking pictures of Eagles. The Eagle and flag came into frame briefly.
Julie Conklin
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Great Blue Heron

Just cruising through Ringwood Manor Park in Southern New York and Northern New Jersey.
Theo van Niekerk
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Bird on a Reed

This bird sat patiently while I changed lenses to photograph him. After this shot he flew away.

Pretoria, South Africa

Heron's Fire

I was out shooting sunrise photos at the dam in Gorham when this Great Blue Heron came in and posed for pictures.

Chickadee in Virginia

One of the many grateful birds we feed during the cold winter months here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia.

Brown Pelican

This bird let me get so close to him to take this picture. I am amazed at how acclimated these birds are to human activity.

Venice Beach, Florida.

The Rose-Breasted Grossbeak

Found on break from spring migration in Luray, Virginia.